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We are now accepting applications for work in 2021. Please read details of the recruitment process below. We will respond to your application as soon as possible. Please read information below, for 2021 we need all our workers to be available between the end of August and the end of October. We will only have work for around 30 people plus the tunnel squad before August.

REQUIREMENTS, Please do not apply unless the following apply: You must be able to stay and work from the end of August until the end of October. You must be over 16 years old (over 18 if you require accommodation). You must be entitled to live and work in the UK (we cannot assist with visa applications).

Students, please note, From 6 April 2013, Form P38(S) will be withdrawn and students will be treated in the same way as all other employees for PAYE tax and NICs purposes.

Recruitment Process

The harvest season in 2021 will be similar to last year, and so very different to previous years as we are no longer growing strawberries or raspberries. We expect a small amount of picking to begin near the end of July, but we won't need all of our workers to start until late in August. We will then continue to pick until the end of October, so will need all our workers to be available from August until the end of October.

For Picking work, we will start selecting pickers from the beginning of March and aim to be fully booked by the end of April. If we have any cancellations we will continue to recruit later in the year.

For Supervisor and Van Driver/Assistant positions, we usually begin an interview process at the beginning of April and everybody will need to be available to start at the beginning of August until at least mid October.

For Packhouse positions, we usually begin an interview process at the beginning of April and everybody will need to be available to start at the beginning of June until at least mid August.

Please be patient and understanding. We have over 2000 applications to process at the start of every year. We will try to email everybody, and will do our best to respond to your application quickly but this may not be possible.


Most of you will be working here as a seasonal worker and for reasons of crop, weather and customer demand, work cannot be promised at any time. However, because nearly all our crops are covered, we do anticipate that there will usually be plenty of work. We employ some seasonal staff beginning in February to help us grow the crops but most people arrive on the farm after late July for the harvest. Once the season gets going, picking takes place on the farm six days a week. We expect you to work at least 5 days a week and maybe 6 days at busy times.

Squads are made up of approximately 35 pickers and are overseen by 2 supervisors. The supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the required quality and quantity of fruit is picked correctly and economically by the pickers, into the correct punnets and trays. They are also responsible for communication between the field, van driver (who uplifts the fruit and supplies empty punnets and trays) and the packhouse and management.

The available picking day generally runs from 7.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. and we pick five days per week. Wet weather can cause some disruption, but all of our fields are covered with plastic tunnels so we keep picking most days. Some days we finish early if all the fruit has been picked, particularly at the beginning and end of the season. If the weather is very hot the picking day may start much earlier to avoid the heat of mid afternoon when it is difficult to work and the fruit is hot. At the height of the season, we may have to occasionally work later in the evening to keep up with the fruit ripening.

We aim to provide streamlined working conditions in the field with our backup and supervisory staff to enable pickers to work fast and efficiently. Pickers who require extra supervision to work to our standards cannot be employed. Picking is physically demanding work.

Poor performance by pickers either for quality or speed of picking cannot be tolerated for economic reasons:

Quality - the supermarkets demand a product that is graded to a specified quality and produced with assured growing and picking systems. Any compromise of these standards will affect our current and future markets.

Speed of picking - as an employer our duty is to pay a piecework rate of pay that equates with the National Minimum Wage,the National living wage, or the rate in the Scottish Agricultural Wages Order, whichever is the highest. Economically and legally we cannot employ pickers whose speed of picking consistently falls well below the average of the squad. Slow pickers will initially be offered further training whilst being paid this rate,but if work does not subsequently improve, we will not be able to offer further work.

Health and Safety - your health and welfare is important to us and we make every effort to ensure your safety on the farm. You will be trained in health and safety for all the jobs you do so that you can work safely alongside your colleagues.

Living Here

We have accommodation available to most of our workers. It is not a requirement that workers stay on the camp and accommodation if provided is not part of the employment contract. We employ seasonal workers who live off-site. The farm camps and their facilities are provided for the use of residents only. Some of our caravans are self contained (with a kitchen, shower room and water). There is a communal kitchen and shower/ toilet block for the caravans that don't have their own facilities. We have a communal TV/ lounge room, and a games room with pool tables, table tennis, books, maps and internet facilities. Each caravan sleeps 4-6 people.

There will be a programme of events arranged such as barbecues, discos, football matches and Scottish night. Everyone who is on site will be given details of these as they are arranged.


All seasonal workers, including pickers are employed as Seasonal Workers and are paid weekly. Statutory tax (PAYE) and National Insurance Contributions (NI) are deducted before payment.

Seasonal workers are paid on a Friday for work done up to the Saturday before. Wages will be paid directly into your UK bank account.

Everybody will be paid in accordance with the National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage.

Job Related Questions

Can I work if I am under 18?

You must be at least 18 to stay on our farm camp. If you are over 16 and do not need accommodation your application for work will be considered as normal.

How will I get paid?

Your wages will be paid directly into your bank account every week. If you do not have a UK bank account we can help you with this when you arrive. Please read 'Payment of Wages' on the 'Jobs' page.

Where is the nearest town?

The nearest town is Blairgowrie, which has a supermarket and lots of smaller shops. It also has a swimming pool, gym, library, pubs, various churches and beautiful scenery. It is very easy to get to, only a 20 minute walk (1.5km) from the farm. Perth and Dundee are both larger cities about half an hour away (20km) that have more shops, you can get there easily by bus.

Where is the nearest airport?

The nearest airport to the farm is Dundee (20km), but this is quite small and you will probably fly to either Edinburgh (60km) or Glasgow (100km). From both of these you can get a bus to Blairgowrie via Perth or Dundee which are both half an hour away (20km).

When will I find out if I have a job?

We will start to offer people jobs and reserve places on our campsite from the end of February. You will be given a booking reference number and a date by which you must confirm that you want to accept the job. If you do not confirm in time the job will be offered to somebody else and your reservation will be cancelled. All job applications will be kept on record, if you are not initially offered a job we may be in touch later if people cancel their reservations.

Where will I live?

We have a campsite on the farm where you can stay if you are offered a job. It may be possible for you to find your own accommodation locally and you do not have to stay on our campsite unless you want to.

Who will arrange my travel?

You must make your own travel arrangements and let us know as soon as you can what time you expect to arrive on the farm. If you are offered a job you will be informed about when work will be available on the farm and the latest day you can arrive. You can arrive any time between 8am and 8pm, if you expect to arrive outside these times you should arrange your own accommodation for your first night as there will be nobody on the farm to show you to your caravan. Please let us know your expected time of arrival as soon as you have made your travel arrangements.

Do I need to bring any money with me?

Yes, your wages will be paid into your bank every Friday for work up to the previous Saturday. Therefore, if you start work on a Monday you will not receive any money until 11 days later. You must bring enough money with you for food to last until you first get paid.

Will I get a day off?

Yes, we will usually only pick for 5 days per week. If there is a lot of fruit we may pick 6 days per week.

What will happen when I arrive?

If you are staying on our camp you will first be shown to your caravan and given a tour of the facilities. You will be given an induction pack which will include your contract and the rules of the farm, you must fill out all the forms in this pack and take it with you when you go to the farm office for your induction training meeting. You will be told when this meeting will be held, and will have the opportunity to ask any questions. After this meeting you can start working and earning money.