We live and work in a beautiful part of the world and are dedicated to maintaining our environment here. We have to use resources from far away, and we send our fruit to customers all over the country, so we also have a responsibility to use resources as wisely as we can.

Growing soft fruit economically for the modern market does mean that we do affect the environment in many ways. We use energy as fuel, and to produce fertilisers, plastics, packaging and chemicals, as well as to transport our fruit to our customers. Growing the crops uses water and polytunnels, so we could cause pollution and harm the scenery by poor practices. We also employ many people, so we have to ensure that if they travel from far away, we use their time wisely, and that they do not cause pollution whilst they are living with us.

We also try to improve the environment where we can. We have some ancient woodlands beside the River Ericht, which we ensure retain some of the rare species that they contain. One of the important animals that is endangered in Scotland that can be found in our woods is the red squirrel, and we have a programme of trapping the grey squirrel so that the red squirrel can thrive. This is especially important on our site, as if we can prevent the spread of the grey squirrel along the river banks, we can save a much larger area up the river valley as a secure home for the red squirrel.

Around many of our fields we have field margins that we allow to become a habitat for many wild species with a policy of letting them grow wild, whilst controlling weeds which could harm the growing crops. They are hosts to many insects, and this can help in the growing crops, as many of them act as predators on pests in the crop.