About Us

West Haugh Farm is one of two soft fruit farms run by Peter and Melanie Thomson under the company name of Thomas Thomson (Blairgowrie) Ltd. Both farms are situated on the east bank of the River Ericht, 2km from the centre of Blairgowrie. Westfield Farm covers an area of 10ha to the north and West Haugh Farm 30ha to the southwest of the centre. We also rent land adjacent to West Haugh from Mr Strachan and Mr McFarlane.

In 2002 a new packhouse was developed in conjunction with two other growers, collectively known as Blairgowrie Fruit Packers Ltd. It is sited en route to the town centre, in Haugh Road, between the two farms and is also on the east bank of the river. Previously all the cooling and packing of the fruit was done at West Haugh Farm, but the present site provides fast and efficient packing to meet the ever-increasing demands of the supermarkets. The farms' main office is situated at the new Packhouse.