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Welcome to Thomas Thomson

We are a family company dedicated to growing the finest soft fruit and delivering it to the customer in the best condition. We use the best varieties and techniques we can find from across the world and rely on our staff of 15 permanent members and over 400 seasonal workers to produce this most difficult but rewarding of crops.

Growing in the heart of the traditional fruit growing area of Perthshire, renowned for its highest quality raspberries and strawberries for over 100 years, we are now bringing this fruit to today's customers who demand the very highest standards of taste, quality and assurance of growing standards.

We used to produce strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, as well as less common crops like red and white currants and aronia. However, we are now concentrating only on blueberries, cherries and aronia, and with these crops we find that our season in Scotland produces the finest fruit in the world at that time. Our season lasts from late July when we start with the earliest cherries and finishes in late October with the last of the blueberries.

Our modern packhouse ensures all our fruit is chilled and packed efficiently and quickly to preserve the fresh taste and high quality. It was fully equipped in 2002, and frequent upgrading of facilities since then has ensured that we are able to continually improve our service to customers.

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News from the farm

Cherries Ripening

16/06/2020 The photo shows the very first of our cherries ripening. We only have one tree like this as all our Find out more...

Cherries Set

04/05/2020 We continue to have a good spring in Scotland, with warm days to encourage the bees to pollinate the Find out more...

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